Average Price to Hire a Social Marketing Agency

Apr 18, 2019




We are living in a social media era! Social media has great impact nowadays and people invest a major portion of their time in social media.

Since a business can directly interact with customers, social media marketing is becoming popular day by day.

You can’t imagine your business growth without a proper social media marketing strategy.

Now the big question is, how much social media marketing cost? And what is the average price to hire a social media marketing agency? The answer is simple-it varies a lot. The cost varies depending on the social media platform you’re targeting, your expected goal, etc.

Following are the major services a social media marketing agency offers:

  •   Facebook Marketing
  •   Twitter Marketing
  •   Instagram Marketing
  •   Snapchat Marketing
  •   Pinterest Marketing


The average cost will vary on which social media channel you’re targeting.

In terms of Facebook Marketing, a social media marketing agency charge $2500-$4000 which includes set up accounts, design ads, design graphics, running campaigns and much more.

In terms of Twitter Marketing, you need to pay $2000-$4000 depending on your geographic, business size, target goal, etc.

In most cases, social media agencies, social media marketing agency offer this two-channel together. Facebook and Twitter Marketing combo will charge you on average $3000-$5000.

In terms of Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat marketing-each platform will cost your additional $1000 on top of the Facebook and Twitter Marketing.

The important thing to consider is, choose a social media marketing platform depending on your business.

For a fashion shop or a car shop, Instagram can be a very good marketing platform but for lawyers or for accountant Instagram not is a good option to go for.

Most analysis and case studies show Facebook and Twitter Marketing provides better ROI compared to the other social media platforms.

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