Food Photography Backdrops Every Food Blogger Should Have

We have talked about food photography backgrounds and how they help tell your food story. But backgrounds are incomplete without backdrops. When it comes to food photography backdrops, often the most unusual items become the perfect compliments to your baked tray of cookies.

Food Photography Backdrops Every Food Blogger Should Have

As food bloggers vie for attention, they have to up their photography game. These food photography backdrops will help you create professional images every time around.

Wooden Board or Cutting Board

Have a spare piece of wood lying around? Don’t throw it out just yet. You can even buy a piece of plywood and paint a wooden texture.

Measure and cut your piece of wood to two feet by 3 feet. This will be enough to cover your entire frame. Give your wooden board your desired kind of finish. You can keep different shades of wood textures for different styles. We recommend finishing the board with a water repellent spray for drips and spills to extend the life of your food photography backdrop.

Vintage Trays

Vintage also looks so pretty and dainty, doesn’t it? Vintage trays often work best with baked goodies. Many food bloggers usually specially buy vintage trays or other vintage crockery just for their food photography.

With vintage trays, you will need to try out a few looks before deciding what works with them. I would suggest you stay away from brightly colored vintage items because they draw attention away from your food.

Burlap Sacks

If you have bought the old-style bag of potatoes from your local farmer’s market, bring it to use. You could even buy one at your local craft store. Cut it down into a single flat piece. Burlap sacks are the perfect food photography backdrops for earthy style pictures.

Are you planning to recreate your grand mother’s recipe? Use a burlap sack for effect. Burlap sacks also pair well with dry items or ingredients


Tiles add a refreshing contrast to the warmer tones in your food. You can quickly get one at a reasonable price from a home store. Get one with an excellent finish. These stay with you longer. But avoid the really shinny ones. These add distracting reflections to your food photography that you might have to spend hours correcting.

We recommend choosing tiles in grey, white, or blue tones. This will enhance the food in your pictures.


Let’s not forget the crockery. Putting your food on plates adds a realistic element to it. When choosing crockery, avoid the fancy types. Stylized and printed crockery ends up giving a messy feel.

 Again, since your food belongs to the warmer tones, go with cool colors in your crockery. We recommend whites because it brings focus to the food. When choosing silverware, get golden spoons. They add a bit of life against the simple white of your crockery.

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