How to Create the Best Food Photography Backgrounds

It’s not just the food; it’s also the ambiance that sets the mood for your food photography. Expert photographers know this, and they invest their time in the food photography backgrounds to complete the look.

How to Create the Best Food Photography Backgrounds

Here’s how you can get thousands of likes for your food photography on Instagram:

Go With Neutral Colors

Neutral colors won’t steal your food’s limelight. Instead, they help bring out the colors of your dark green veggies, your sliced beetroot, and your pink passionfruit. We suggest shades of browns and greys. White is also a good choice if you want to give your picture a fresher look.

Use Cooler Tones

Food belongs to the warm color zone. So, to balance out your picture’s tones, go with cooler colors. These include shades of blues, greys and even white.

Avoid Closeups

Yes, the food is the main star of the photo. But you need the sidekicks and the setting. Always keep in mind, not to get too close to the food. When you do that, you end up creating a picture without a context. It’s not telling a story, but rather a picture anyone could take. Pictures that stay with you tell a story. What’s yours?

Use Props

Props are an essential part of your food photography backgrounds. You might have seen photographs where a spoon was sticking out from the side of the photo. Though it might not look like it, it’s intentional. The props help create eye movement in the picture.

You can take props from your very own kitchen. Select the prettiest ones. Many food photographers have accessories that they only use for photographs. They don’t use them in the kitchen.  

Use props that extend your food story. For instance, if you are taking photos of a dessert, you could sprinkle sugar strategically around the edge of the frame. Some photographers also like to use fresh fruits and vegetables in their pictures.

Use the rule of thirds

If you don’t know this already, the rule of thirds dictates that in a well-composed artwork, you don’t place the main subject in the dead centre. Instead, divide your frame into three columns in your mind. Place your object around the lines of these imaginary columns. This makes the image a lot more interesting and draws the attention of the eye.  

Create a cohesive look

If you are taking multiple food photographs for a restaurant or part of a theme, your photos should look like part of a whole. For this, you need to replicate the same backgrounds or props throughout the entire theme. Otherwise, the images will look like they have been copied from a stock photography site

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